Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Waiting on Daddy

Jonathan loves for his Daddy to come home from work. He just smiles and runs to Mark as soon as he gets home. Today about 4:30pm, Jonathan came up to me and said "Da-dee?" I told him Daddy was still at work, but we could call him. So we called Mark and talked to him for a few minutes. Mark told Jonathan he was about to leave and would see him soon. So, at about 5:20pm, Jonathan goes to the front window and starts asking for his Daddy again. I open the blinds for him and he climbs up on the ottoman and waits for his Daddy to come home. He sat there almost 15 minutes, just looking out the window and talking about his Daddy. When Mark got home, Jonathan was just so excited to see him. It was just so loving, but also a little sad for Mark that Jonathan had been missing him. It just takes him so long to get home from Pine Bluff.
We had to run an errand tonight so we did that and then ended up at IHOP for dinner. We got Jonathan the Smiley Face Pancake. It was so cute with strawberry eyes, whipped topping nose, and banana smile. He loved it and ate a good chunk of it. Sweet baby fell asleep in the car on the way home. Never woke up getting out of the car or getting ready for bed. He is just a wonderful little boy. Just had so much fun today, he wore himself out. Time to rest now and get ready for another new and fun day.

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KIM said...

I mean seriously....could my nephew be any greater? It is evident that he takes after his Aunt Kim!