Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Jonathan Loves Lucy

Here is a video of Jonathan telling his baby cousin Lucy, "I love you." He tries very hard to say her name. Right now it is coming out as Tu-cee. I think that's pretty good for 19 months!

Jonathan loves to look at Lucy's picture. We have looked at it every day since she was born.

I can't wait for him to meet her. I know they will have a wonderful time playing together.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

So much to say...

Well, it has been a while since I wrote. So much has been going on that I haven't had much time to type, but I do want to share our lives!

Last weekend, my parents came up for a visit. Jonathan was so excited to see his Grandad and Mama Deb. He is trying so hard to get their names out. He is getting really close. He loved having Mama Deb read him all his books and sitting with Grandad to watch some of the "Cars" movie. We went to the AR Traveler's baseball game Saturday night. It was hot, but fun. Jonathan really likes to see the ball and watch all the people. He also ate all of the lemons out of our lemonade. Kept making the most horrible faces while eating it, but insisting that you give him more. He is a mess! Jonathan loved having his grandparents there in the morning and we loved getting to sleep in.

On Monday, Jonathan had a doctor's appointment in OKC. The doctor was very pleased with his studies and his progress. He feels that this last surgery was successful and that Jonathan is healing nicely. God is so wonderfully good. We just give God all the praise and glory for the healing of his body. It is just such a relief to see God move in our precious baby. I cannot express the joy in my heart. Thank you Lord for healing my baby. We don't have to go back to OKC for six months! That is the longest we have ever gone without a trip there, so we are very excited about that.

Our other good news this week was that Mark was promoted to the Manager of Transmission Security Coordination. He is still in the same office in Pine Bluff. We are so very excited about this opportunity for him. He officially starts his new job on Monday.

Jonathan is just so easy-going and happy. Michelle, another PT and friend from work, kept Jonathan Friday afternoon while Mark and I had a meeting with a financial planner. He was so happy to see her and they had a wonderful time playing. Saturday night, we went to the AR Twisters football game. It was an event for the summer interns at Mark's work. They had reserved the company suite. We had a blast. They have food catered in, which was actually quite good. There is an inside area with couches and then three rows of seats in the arena. Jonathan had a wonderful time running around the suite and up and down the steps. He smiled and talked to everyone. His favorite person though, was definitely Clint. He is one of Mark's friends from work. They occasionally have lunch together on Mark's Friday's off so Jonathan knows him. He kept dragging Clint everywhere and climbing up on his lap. It was hilarious. Also nice for us as we were able to let him run and play without having to keep him in one seat. I sat and talked to Clint's wife, Elizabeth, while Jonathan ran around and had a great time.

Jonathan now has a cousin! Baby Lucy made her arrival to the world on Friday, July 25th, at 11:28am. She was 21 inches long and weighed 9 pounds! This is Mark's brother and sister-in-law's (Russ and Katherine) baby. We are so glad she is finally here and we cannot wait to meet her. We showed Jonathan her picture and told him it was Baby Lucy. He points at the picture and says, "Tu-ce." It was just too cute. He is a big fan of babies. I cannot wait until he gets to meet her. It will be interesting to see what he thinks of the actual baby. I have always enjoyed spending time with my cousins, so I hope that Jonathan and Lucy will have a great time playing together as well.

A Jonathan anecdote to end up this post. We were at Home Depot this afternoon to find a replacement handle for the toilet. (Silly thing just broke right off). Mark is looking at stuff to rent and I had gone to look for carpet cleaners (my carpet seems to get random spills on it all the time now). Jonathan is getting tired of sitting in the cart. He starts pulling on my arm saying, "Mommy, Mommy." I tell him, "Just a minute." He looks at me and says, "Let's go." Clear as can be. Absolutely hilarious. Can you tell that someone else in our house says that to me all the time? He is just so smart and so funny. So, yes, we left, with the replacement toilet handle.

So there you have the short version of our lives lately. We are well and truly blessed and are looking forward to what is to come. God is awesome and we are so thankful for our blessings.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Happy Fourth of July

We had a wonderful Fourth of July holiday. Grandma and Paw Paw came up at the beginning of the week to stay with us while Daddy was in St. Louis. Jonathan had a wonderful time staying home and playing with them. He definitely has his Grandma wrapped around his finger! We celebrated Grandma's birthday with her on Tuesday. Jonathan was excited about another cake!

We left Friday morning for Monroe. We had a great time visiting with my grandparents, Jonathan's great-grandparents. Grand Bode found all kinds of toys and stuff for Jonathan to play with. Grandpa Paul and Jonathan had a great time playing with the massager. It was pretty funny to watch them. Grandpa Paul would put it on his back and then Jonathan would take it from him and try to put it on his back. They had a great time playing. Grand Bode and Jonathan played the "Ride the Horsey" game over and over and over.

Friday night we went to the levee to see the fireworks. The whole night was just hilarious. We drove down close to the levee to see where we could park. The policeman started to tell us that we needed to park "way over there..." when he realized that he knew Grandpa Paul. He let us park right next to the levee. Sometimes it really is who you know and taking the time to ask. So Grandpa Paul and Mark took the chairs up to the levee to save us a spot. Grand Bode, Jonathan, and I decided to sit in the car until it was closer to time for the fireworks. It was so hot that we didn't want to get Jonathan out in the heat. About ten minutes later, rain drops. Mark and Grandpa Paul ran back up the hill and brought the chairs back down. As soon as they got back in the car, it started to pour. All the people on the levee start running for their cars, all of which are half a mile away. So of course they are soaking wet. We were sitting in the car, nice and dry! We decided to wait to see if they would shoot the fireworks anyway. They did. They shot them off super fast which was kind of fun. I think the firework people were tired of getting rained on as well. So, there we were, sitting in the car, in the rain, watching fireworks! It was so much fun and such a great memory. Plus, since we were in the car, it wasn't nearly as loud or as scary for Jonathan.

Saturday we went over to Aunt Ninette and Uncle Danny's house. Jonathan had a great time running around their house chasing their dog, Bam Bam. We also got to see Scott. He looks pretty good considering he was involved in a major wreck a few weeks ago. He has definitely lost some weight and still has a way to go before he is healthy again. Uncle Danny has been working on an elk. Mark and Jonathan went out to his shop to see it. The thing is massive. Jonathan was impressed, as was Mark.

The other big surprise at their house was that my parents surprised up by showing up. They had flown home from Yellowstone on Friday, so we were not expecting them. But they could not stand Jonathan being that close and not seeing him. So funny. Jonathan was very happy to see them and had a great time running around with his Grandad. They brought him a cute t-shirt from their vacation that he put on and showed off.

So it was a great weekend. We had such a nice time visiting with everyone. Jonathan did end up getting sick when we got home. Had a hard time at church Sunday and then threw up Sunday night. By Monday morning he was running a fever. So he stayed home Monday and Tuesday from school. He is going back to school tomorrow, so hopefully he does well.