Saturday, April 4, 2009

I See Animals Mommy!

Jonathan's class had a field trip to the Little Rock Zoo this week. It was supposed to be on Tuesday, but the weather had other ideas. Mark was planning to go with us on Tuesday, but he had to go to New Orleans on Wednesday and did not get to go the zoo.

Jonathan in the Bird Sanctuary

So, I got to go with Jonathan to the zoo. We had so much fun. We have not taken him to the Little Rock Zoo before. Now it is not to the caliber of the OKC or NOLA zoo, but it was still fun. Jonathan loved seeing all the animals. I think his favorites were the gorillas, the lions, and the giraffes. He was hoping to see the bears, but they were mostly inside. We did see a grizzly, but he was so far away, I'm not sure Jonathan really saw him. All of his friends had so much fun running around and playing together. They had a picnic lunch afterwards across the street. Jonathan was very excited to have a juice box and Lunchable.

Jonathan and Mommy

Jonathan was so hyped from the zoo that he did not take a nap after they got back to school. We ran home after school and picked up his Easter clothes, then ran back downtown to take pictures in the park. Poor baby fell asleep halfway there and got a fifteen minute nap before I woke him up to change his clothes. I was afraid I was about to waste everyone's time, but as soon as he saw Heather he perked right up. Such a ham! She is so great with him and he did really well. She had her girls with her and they were great assistants. They had him smiling and loving taking his picture. She had him sit in a chair, stand in the grass, sit on the bridge, and stand in the water. He kept saying, "the water's cold Mommy!" He was right, it was, but he looked so precious standing there! I cannot wait to see how they turn out. Heather did a great job on his 2 year old pics. She has a few of his pictures posted on her website: She took these pics at Allsopp Park. It was absolutely beautiful there. We had not been out there before but I think we will go back. It was just a beautiful area and just a ton of families enjoying the beautiful day.

Today was his friend, Addy Rose's, 4th birthday party. She is older than him, but they always have fun playing together. Her Mom, Stacey, is a great lady who is oh so creative. She painted quite a few of the things in Jonathan's room. And she, Mike, and Addy have always prayed for Jonathan from when he was very little. So, Jonathan was very excited to go to her party. Of course, he still doesn't quite understand that he is not supposed to be the center of attention as well. He wanted to sit next to her at all times. So sweet. The party was at Gymboree, which is one of his favorite places anyway, so he had an absolute blast. His teacher, Ms. Carrie, was there leading the party, which made it even better. He found the little boat that you can pull around with a rope. The little 2 year old worked so hard to pull around one or two four year olds. It was hilarious! He worked hard!!

Pulling the Boat AND the Kids

Jonathan and the Birthday Girl

We are teaching Sunday School in the morning (filling in for the Hartons and the Rauls). We are looking forward to that. Mark and I both just love being with the children. We are very blessed to be in a church that nurtures our little ones so deeply and just fills them up with the Holy Spirit and love of Jesus. It is truly an amazing thing to watch.

Well, I need to go read up on the lesson for tomorrow. Hope you have a wonderful Sunday.
Love to everyone! We miss you all.

Sweet Boy with Mommy's Tulips.

He is wearing his new 'Jonathan' shirt.

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