Saturday, April 9, 2011

Christmas 2010

This Christmas was so filled with love and joy and happiness. We are just in such a different place than we were last year and we were just so filled with hope and thankfulness for the blessings that God has given us. This was also our very last Christmas with Just Jonathan. We knew that everything was about to change for him and for us, and we wanted to make this Christmas super special. Jonathan will always be our first born son, my baby, my sweet baby love.

Christmas was wonderful. Mark and Jonathan did a great job decorating the outside of the house. I was a little OVERLY pregnant to be of any help, but Jonathan was a great helper to his Daddy. The two of them decided that we needed MORE stuff in our yard, so they made a trip to Lowe’s one day and came home with two huge inflatable’s for the front yard – Santa and Frosty. Jonathan loved them and they guarded our yard for the entire month.

Jonathan was very excited about Santa this year. He saw him three different times – church, preschool, and at the mall. Each time he asked Santa for a Spiderman toy that shoots webs and things, a Superman toy that flies around the room, and a radio to listen to music in his room. Well, someone must have known what he told Santa, because one of his friends got him a cool Spiderman toy that shoots webs. Also, Santa had a very hard time finding a Superman toy. So Santa decided to bring Jonathan a very cool Spiderman mask and gloves, a Toothless and Hiccup dragon, and a radio. Jonathan questioned a little why Santa had changed his list, but was very excited by his toys.

 Jonathan and Daddy at church waiting to see Santa

Jonathan with Santa at church

Putting the star on the top of the tree. VERY important job.

 Seeing Santa at preschool.

Santa at Park Plaza Mall
My parents and Mark’s parents were able to come spend Christmas day with us. We had a great time being together and opening a TON of presents as usual!! Jonathan had a blast with all of his new toys. Mark gave me a beautiful new pearl ring to go with my pearl necklace from when Jonathan was born and my pearl earrings from our wedding. It is beautiful and was such a nice treat. Plus, who wouldn’t want to see a little blue box from Sissy’s under the tree!

Cookies and eggnog for Santa. Jonathan stirred in the nutmeg himself.
 Checking to see if the reindeer ate their carrots.

 Toys from Santa Claus

 Darth Vader mask from Aunt Kim
Beautiful pearl ring from Daddy and Jonathan

Art desk from Grandad and MaMa Deb
We went to Portrait Innovations, a new budget photography place, to take some pictures for our Christmas card. It was a fun night and we got some really good shots. Here are my favorites.

Christmas Card 2010

I used the Creative Memories digital scrapbooking software to design our Christmas card this year. I have had so much fun designing scrapbooks for Jonathan and cards for different holidays. I was really happy with how this year's card turned out. Next year's card will have pictures of sweet baby Daniel on it!! Excited about that too.

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