Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!

What a wonderful Christmas we had this year. Jonathan was so excited by just everything. He loved the tree, the lights, everyone elses lights, blow up Santas, reindeers, baby Jesus, church, etc. He truly was just joyful for the season. It made each thing so much more fun for us to be able to share it with him. Made each thing that much more special.

We went out one night to check out the lights at Burns Park and Sherwood Forest. They were just great and he LOVED the lights. He especially loved the displays where the lights went over the car. It was so much fun.

We went to the Christmas Eve service at church. Jonathan nevers goes into the service, so we was quite excited by...everything! After each song, he would clap and say, yeah!! He loved it, but was not so much into sitting still. Mark tried to take him down front for the children's moment. It was an adventure as Jonathan starts screaming "Daddy!" when Mark moved away from him. They didn't stay for the whole time; came on back to our seats. But it was nice and he loved singing songs about "baby Jesus" as he calls him. He has really loved going to Sunday School this month to talk about baby Jesus. What a neat and fun time it is.

Christmas Eve we set out milk and cookies for Santa. Jonathan helped carry them into the room and put them on the table. We told him he had to go to bed so Santa would come and bring him presents. He looks at us and says, "I see Santa." We tell him that Santa cannot come until he goes to bed. He thinks about this for a minute and says, "No, I see Santa." How do you explain this to a two year old! It was so funny and just precious. We finally got him to sleep and then poor Santa's elves stayed up for several hours getting his kitchen and car put together. Magic really would have helped!

He was so excited Christmas morning to wake up and see his two big presents. He went running straight for them and just had a blast riding in the car, which he has now termed his "truck," and cooking up a storm in his kitchen. Needless to say, we didn't open any other presents for a while!

After breakfast, we got down to business and opened presents. Everyone had a great time with their gifts and watching Jonathan open his. He had so many that he got tired of opening them after a while. He had to take a break and open the rest of his presents after his nap. So funny.

My Daddy made Jonathan an airplane. A scale model jet fighter airplane. It is so very cool. Has foot pedals and steering stick. Even stickers that say, Pilot: Jonathan, Crew Chief: Grandad. Jonathan absolutely loves it and has begged to go outside everyday to play in it. We put it in the garage so that he can play and not be quite so cold!

Mark grilled steaks for Christmas dinner, which were delicious. We also had potato salad, green beans, baked beans, etc. plus numerous pies, cakes, candy, etc. Over the next couple of days we also had deviled eggs, banana pudding, Heavenly ham, etc. Needless to say we ate and ate and ate.

The day after Christmas, we took Jonathan to Chuck E. Cheese to play games. Everyone had a blast taking times playing different games with him and chasing him around the place. We all had fun playing the Deal or No Deal game. It was so funny to watch everyone try to win the game. We had pizza afterwards, NOT at Chuck E. Cheese, and Jonathan chowed down on crackers and pizza. He is such a ham!

I had to go back to work on Monday. Mark and Jonathan are both staying home the whole week. So far, they have been having a great time sleeping in and playing the day away. They met me for lunch today which was a very nice treat. We are going to a friend's house tomorrow night for New Year's Eve which will be fun. And Friday, some of our best friends from MS are coming in which will be a lot of fun. We haven't seen them in forever it seems.

Hope that everyone is having a good holiday. I'll just share one more thing from our holiday time. Jonathan loves to pray. We have been teaching him praying hands and he has been doing that for a while now. Just this last week though, he has been wanting to say the prayer. He likes for one of us to pray first. Then he will say, "pray, Mommy, pray." So he puts his praying hands on, closes his eyes, and then repeats after you a prayer. At the end, on his own, he says, "I love you baby Jesus. Amen." It is the most humbling, awesome, happy moment. We are so blessed and so happy that our precious little baby loves our Lord Jesus.

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The Spicer Crew said...

What a cutie!! Looks like you had a great Christmas. His kitchen is just like the one Santa brought here a few years ago...our girls have gotten tons of use out of it already!