Saturday, March 27, 2010

January 2010

We’ve had a bitterly cold winter, but we’ve tried to give Jonathan a few opportunities to get outside a play. He loves to ride his bike all around the neighborhood. His favorite place is near the front of our neighborhood. There is an acorn tree there. He loves to pick up the acorns and rocks and sticks and put them in the little cart on the back of his bike. When he gets home, he wants to plant all of the acorns. So, it is possible that we might have a few trees sprouting up this spring!

A wonderful Mom of a child I treat made these special treats for Jonathan. A car garage to put all of his Lightning McQueen cars in, and a super cute “tie” t-shirt. She also made a most special gift for me. A memory box for all of our Gracie’s special things. It is beautiful and just the most perfect size for all of our mementos.

I went scrapbooking at Petit Jean January 15-17th. As always, I had a blast and actually finished an entire book! I decided to do a whole book for Christmas 2007. It was Jonathan’s first real Christmas and we had a TON of pictures. Still waiting to get it back from the printers, but it was good to get it done. My friend Edie that I always ride with was staying til Monday for MLK day, but I had to be back to work. So Mark and Jonathan drove up the mountain to come get me. We had a great time driving to the various waterfalls and overlooks in the State Park. I got some absolutely gorgeous shots of Jonathan playing. We will definitely have to go back and explore more of that park.

Jonathan had his very first dentist appointment this month. It was absolutely hilarious, trust me. At first, he wanted absolutely nothing to do with any of it. All he kept saying was, “I no get a shot.” We kept telling him, over and over, that dentists don’t give shots. (At least not to three year olds anyway). He finally warmed up when the dental hygienist let him squirt water into his mouth and ride up and down in the dentist chair. He never did let her clean his teeth, but he did let her and the dentist ‘count’ his teeth. Dr. Jones said that from what he could see they looked fine. We go back in four months for another go at it.

A couple of pics from our Gymboree Play and Music class.

MaMa Deb and Grandad came up for a visit near the end of the month. We had a fun birthday planned for Grandad’s birthday. We decided to go bowling. Jonathan absolutely loves bowling and we all had a great time. That night we had birthday cake and ice cream for Grandad’s big 60th! Jonathan also insisted that we have birthday hats. He was VERY concerned that we didn’t have any. Mark stopped on the way home from work to get some, but all he could find were Transformer hats. It was hilarious, but no one really cared, as long as we had hats! We continued Grandad’s airplane theme from Christmas with a couple more Blue Angels gifts from our vacation in Pensacola this summer.

Mark and I also broke down this month and got new cell phones. We have crossed over into iPhone land. I feel rather pretentious paying so much money for such a stupid phone, but oh well, everyone needs a few toys in life right? I have become addicted to the silly thing. It is just way too convenient to be able to check your email, have your address book linked to your computer, have both Mark and I’s calendars linked, and a perfect toy to keep Jonathan entertained at doctor’s appointments, restaurants, etc. He is so smart, he figured out how to unlock the phone and scroll through the apps faster than I did! He knows how to get onto the iPod, youtube, and several other apps that I’ve downloaded. There are a couple of fun games that I downloaded for him as well. Of course, my favorite game is Words With Friends. Scrabble against other friends. It is so addictive, and so fun! I have quite a few games going with different friends. The chat feature is nice to send a quick message to people too.

We had our first snowfall this month. We bundled Jonathan up and took him out to play. It was not much snow, but he had fun. We made snow angels and a mini-snowman, but it was not really good snow to make snowmen out of. Of course, we had no idea that more snow was to come in February!

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