Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Our Exciting Weekend

Well, we had a busy weekend. Mark had made plans to go to his new deer camp this weekend to work on food plots. He had a great time driving the tractor and the mule. Of course, he got soaking wet and ruined a pair of jeans, but isn't that what going to the deer camp is all about?

In the mean time, Jonathan and I drove to Jackson. Yes, you read right, we drove five hours away, by ourselves. It was a crazy idea and an even crazier ride down and back, but we had a great time once we got there. We went down for a baby shower for one of my best friends from college, Jana. It was a lot of fun and really good to see her. It had definitely been too long. Jonathan spent the weekend playing and entertaining my parents. They had such a good time together. My parents had gotten Jonathan a toy tool bench set and drum which he absolutely loved.

We all survived, thank goodness! Mark and Jonathan missed each other and had a great time together Sunday night. Don't know if I will be making that trip alone again any time soon.

I love this picture from the weekend of Jonathan eating his McDonald's breakfast Sunday. He really chowed down on it. But what's neat is that we caught the tv with 'Jesus' on the screen. Jesus is always right there next to us, even on tv!

Our week back at work and school is going well so far. Every day is a new and exciting adventure with Jonathan. Of course, yesterday I walked past his classroom and saw him standing up in the middle of the play sink. Lovely, I know, but he was quite proud of himself. He has also realized which room is the PT Gym. When they are riding the bye-bye buggy in the halls, he says "Mommy" as they ride past. Makes me happy that he knows where I am and wants me, but so sad that I can't go get him every time they ride past. He is just such a joy to my heart.

Enough for today. Hope each of you is having a wonderful week!

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