Thursday, April 24, 2008

Turtles and Buffalo

We have this turtle in our flower bed by the front door. Yesterday afternoon, while I was at church, Jonathan hit his forehead on the brick windowsill trying to get to the turtle. Today, we were back outside and he's trying to get to it again. Mark tells him, "That's a turtle." Jonathan looks at his Daddy, then at the turtle, then back at his Daddy and says, "Tu-tul." It was just the cutest and smartest thing. He has new words almost every day. It is absolutely amazing to us how fast he is growing. This pic is from tonight before bed, but you can see the bruise and cut right between his eyes.

Our other animal story for today is about the two buffalo. His Grandma has gotten him two ironwood buffalo in Oklahoma City at the Oklahoma History Museum. So now, every night before he goes to bed, he sits with us in the rocking chair saying "Buf-lo, Buf-lo" until you hand him, not one, but both of them. He holds them for a few seconds and then hands them back to you so they can go 'night-night.' Cracks us up!

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