Monday, June 2, 2008

Travelers' Baseball Game

We decided to go to the Arkansas Travelers Baseball Game Friday night. This first picture is our pre-game shot. We finally got Jonathan to wear his baseball hat. I guess he thought if we were wearing ours, he would wear his. The funny thing is Jonathan was the only one with a Traveler's hat. I, of course, had on a Braves hat. Mark had a 2007 World Series Boston/Colorado hat that his friend Floyd got for him from the games. We didn't think to buy tickets ahead of time, so of course when we got there, all they had left was sitting on the grass. We, of course, hadn't brought any chairs or blankets, but it turned out just fine. Jonathan had a great time running around and watching all the other kids and the baseball players. We sat right behind the bullpen, so Jonathan got to watch all the pitcher's warm up. He was so excited by all the balls.

Mark and I got fresh-squeezed lemonade at the game. Jonathan wanted the lemons, so we gave them to him. He was hilarious with the faces and he ate most of the silly thing! They had fireworks after the game which was fun. Jonathan did not quite know what to think about the fireworks. He was a little scared, but he was very brave and did not cry. He wanted to be held, but he wanted to watch the fireworks too! He loved all the music at the game. He danced and danced.

We had such a good time being together. Each day is such a blessing and a joy with our little man. He is just so very, very happy and so excited to see what each day has to offer. God has blessed us beyond our comprehension.

Prayer Request: We had a bit of a scare today. We found out that my cousin, Scott, had a very bad car accident last night. He swerved to avoid a deer and rolled his truck. They had to cut him out of the truck. He has fractured his C2 vertebrae. This is the second vertebrae in his neck and is extremely serious. The doctors have told him that he is extremely lucky to be alive and to have survived the removal from the truck. He also has a broken collar bone, a torn rotator cuff, and possibly a broken wrist and elbow on the other arm. Please lift him up in prayer for healing of his body and also praise God that He was with him and protected him through this horrible ordeal. The doctors believe that he will not have any paralysis, however, he will have to be extremely careful of his neck for the rest of his life. God truly had his hand on Scott to keep him here with us. Thank you Lord for watching over Scott, and thank each of you for praying for him. This picture is from last September of Scott and Jonathan. Scott is just so good with kids. Jonathan loves him to pieces!

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Tenille Rauls said...

I will be praying for Scott and your family.
Jonathan looks precious at the baseball game! He looks like a little boy....when did that happen???