Sunday, June 8, 2008

Visit From Friends and Mowing the Grass

We had some good friends come to visit us this weekend. One of my roommates and best friends from college, Melissa, and her Mom, Ms. Jenny, came up for the weekend. Melissa lives in Orlando now and Ms. Jenny is still in Monroe. We had a great time seeing them and they were glad to spend some time with Jonathan. He was sick Friday with a fever virus, but was back in shape by Saturday. They babysat Saturday night for a few hours while we went to a baby shower. Jonathan just had a great time showing off all his toys and having new people read ALL of his favorite books. The current favorite books are the Thomas book - he makes all the sounds, "toot-toot," "pssst," "swoosh," and "night-night" - and the Elmo select a page book. He also loves his Big Red Barn, First Words, and Things that Move books.

We got Jonathan a new toy last week. It is a lawn mower that also blows bubbles. He absolutely loves it and has mowed every bit of carpet in the house. Tonight, Mark went outside to mow the grass. You should have seen how excited Jonathan got when he realized his lawn mower was just like Daddy's. He goes taking off across the grass, which was quite high, as fast as he could go, so he could mow the grass with Daddy. He followed Mark around the entire backyard until it was done. I think Mark had as much fun as Jonathan did. They are just so happy to be with each other. I just had a great time sitting on the back porch watching them.

Jonathan is learning new words every day and is putting two words together. Tonight it was "elbow." He loves to do body parts, and teeth are his favorite. Tonight in the tub, I was trying to get him to wash the different body parts himself. (He loves to wash himself). When I asked him to get his elbows, he pokes them both at me and says elbow as clear as could be. He gets so proud of himself when he gets a new word out too. It is very sweet. Other favorite words are puppy, Paw Paw (for both of them), mo' mik (more milk), peez (please), hep me (help me), bye-bye Daddy, and he's just starting to say i-uv-u (approximation of I love you).

We have had a great weekend. We were worried about our little man being sick on Friday, but he bounced right back Saturday. It was really nice to catch up with our friends as well.

Mark is going to Seattle tomorrow for the week. Please keep him in your prayers as he travels and us as we go it alone. And thanks to everyone who has prayed for my cousin. He is home and doing a little better. He got engaged this week. He had already planned to ask her and didn't want to wait any longer! God is so good. We are so very blessed. Here's hoping that each of you have a truly blessed and happy week.

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