Monday, August 18, 2008

Fun With Friends and Family

I just had to share a few of these pictures. Jonathan is just such a happy and loving baby. Jonathan had this shirt on after church last weekend. He thought he was hot stuff even though it is still WAY too big!
We went to Karen's house after work the other day. Jonathan and Katie had a great time running around the house. We finally got them to settle down to read books. They were just too cute sitting there together. Plus they play together so well. Megan just sits back and watches them run around. They stop by to tell her hi every once in a while, then keep running!

Paw Paw came to take care of Jonathan Wednesday and Thursday of this past week. Preschool was closed Wednesday to Friday to get ready for the new school year. Jonathan had a wonderful time playing with his Paw Paw. He did not want to take a nap for him, but never really got fussy during the day. They took walks, played outside, ate who knows how much "snacks", and just really enjoyed being together. The ice cream man came by on Tuesday afternoon when Paw Paw got here, and of course Jonathan got an ice cream. He was very excited! Mark was off on Friday, and the three of them went to Two Rivers Park. They had a good time out there. Jonathan was a big fan of playing in the dirt. All boy.
Paw Paw and Mark went to the deer camp to run water and power lines to his trailer on Friday afternoon. Late Friday night, MaMa Deb and Grandad came. Jonathan was so excited to have new people to come love on him and entertain him. We took MaMa Deb out for her birthday, and had yummy cake for her at home. Jonathan was very excited about the cake! The ice cream came by again on Saturday. So this time, Grandad got him a different ice cream cone. He was so proud of himself strutting back into the house with his ice cream.

Jonathan had his first day of school today. He was SUCH a BIG, BIG boy. I was so proud of him just walking into the new classroom without any kind of fuss. He looked so cute in his new outfit and new shoes that Grandma and Paw Paw got for him. He has three new friends this year, two of which are little boys. I know he will be excited to have some boys to play with. (Last year he had six girls and one other boy in his class. Now there are seven girls and three other boys.) He has the same teachers. They said he did very well today and had a great time with the new room and the new toys! He also had three servings of mandarin oranges for lunch today. What could be better than that?

We did have one bad thing happen today. When we got home from school today, I got Jonathan out of the car and walked down the driveway to get the mail. When I was almost to the mailbox, I noticed a car coming down the road. I turned to check on Jonathan and see where he was. When I did, my ankle rolled and just collapsed. I fell flat on my back in the middle of the road. Luckily the car stopped and did not run over me or Jonathan (who was safely up by the house). Unfortunately, I sprained my ankle pretty good. I can't even walk on it right now. I called Mark and he came on home from work to take me to the ER. It isn't broken, just swollen and colorful and hurting!! The doctor sent me home with a splint, crutches, drugs, and instructions to stay home and elevate my foot. The whole thing has been completely crazy. One of the weirdest things I have ever done to myself. Jonathan was just wonderful. He tried so hard to help me up and when we finally got inside, he crawled in my lap and loved on me and patted my back. It was very empathetic for a 19 month old. And if you ever need to go to the ER, go to Baptist. They were so nice and concerned for my injury, and actually pretty fast...for an ER. Unfortunately, we have spent a lot of time in ER's over the past year and a half, and trust me, none of them have been fast! Thank goodness I didn't break the silly thing, that would have been a trip. Hopefully this will heal fast. Mark is supposed to go to Atlanta on Wednesday. Great timing right?

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Tenille Rauls said...

Hope you are better! Next time, just call us and I can get Russ to meet you somewhere and check it out! :) See you soon~