Sunday, August 10, 2008

Scrapbooking and Church

I was able to take some time for myself this weekend and go to the Cropping For Kids scrapbooking weekend. It was a fundraiser for Easter Seals and just a ton of fun. Two people I work with and a Mom/friend from work were there. It was a complete blast to just have some dedicated time to work on my scrapbook and have some girl talk and recharge my batteries. My husband is completely wonderful and kept Jonathan Friday night and ALL day Saturday so I could play. Not that he minded, he and Jonathan had a great time together. I feel so revitalized and ready to face my life again. It is funny how just a little time away can put everything back into perspective. I was literally ten minutes from my house, and I was still missing my boys like crazy! I am really glad that I got to go, but I was even that much happier to be back home with them. Sometimes I think we just need a little change in our perspective.

We went to church today, and Jonathan transitioned really well to his Sunday School room!!!! This is such a huge relief to me. It was just breaking my heart when he was screaming to stay. I am so glad that he is finally starting to have fun. He just loves his Sunday School teachers. It is a husband and wife team. Jonathan just walked in today and went straight to the husband, climbed in his lap, and waved goodbye. They said that he had everybody dancing during extended session too. (Gonna be a dancer Aunt Kim!!). We also had lunch today with some friends from church. Mark and I feel so blessed to have found a place where we 'fit' and where we can raise Jonathan in a Christian environment.

On the way home from lunch, Jonathan was trying so hard to tell me something. I finally figured out he was saying, "Mommy, it raining." He is so smart and so funny. He was doing his hands like rain coming down. And he was right, it was most definitely raining!

This is the last partial week of preschool for the year. He is only going to school on Monday and Tuesday. His Paw Paw is going to come keep him Wednesday and Thursday, and Mark will be off on Friday. Then next week he will be in a new classroom. How fast this year has gone. Makes me sad that he is growing up so fast, but happy that he is doing so well and that he loves to go to school. I cannot imagine him not being there. He loves to be with his friends, do all the art projects, read books, take walks, play on the playground, sing LOTS of songs, eat lunch at the 'big boy' table, see Mommy in the hallway, get cookies on the way out the door from the receptionist, and be with his teachers. God has truly provided us with a wonderful environment and people to take care of our son. And even more for me to be there in the same building, able to watch over him and see him during the day.

We had a guest preacher today at church. He was talking about the importance and power of prayer. He had the most interesting ideas on HOW to pray for your family, coworkers, friends, etc. He said that instead of just praying for what he thinks someone needs prayers over, he asks God to lead him to what he should pray for people. What a neat idea. Completely changes the way we can pray. I'm definitely going to be giving this one a try. So get ready, prayers coming each of your way!!!

Love to you all and miss you bunches! Come see us anytime!!

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