Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Our Busy Weekend

We had a busy but wonderful weekend. We actually woke up early Saturday morning to go do a couple of fun things. First, we went to take some family and 18 month old shots at this neat place I found. (And yes I know, he's 19 months old). They are cutting in a new road but have left all the trees on either side. It was really pretty. Unfortunately, it was also really hot. Even at 8:30 in the morning, we were sweating up a storm. But it was still fun. The pictures are not the best we've ever taken, but they turned out ok.

After we left there, we changed clothes and went to The Wonder Place. It is a neat indoor play area that's been open about a year here in Little Rock. It is a really neat place with a ton of different play areas. There is a whole area dedicated for the under two crowd, a water table, a sand table, veterinarian area, play house, pretend grocery store, play kitchen, art/craft area, books, and blocks. As you can imagine, it was a little overwhelming, but tons of fun. Jonathan loved everything, but most especially the water table. He splashed and played and just loved it so much. He did a great job on the art project too. He's finally starting to figure out how markers and paint and that kind of stuff works.

We finally left there around noon. All three of us were just exhausted. We had lunch, and then went home for a nap.

Sunday we got up for church. Jonathan went to his Sunday School class without fussing!! He has been having a hard time with the transition, but he went happily, so we were very excited. He really loves his Sunday School teachers right now. They are truly nice people and take good care of him.

Sunday night, we went to a church swimming party and cookout. It was only Jonathan's second time in the pool. He loved it! They had a baby pool that he could walk around in. He stayed in there for a while, and then he was ready to party! He loved "jumping" off the side of the pool to Mark or I. Then he wanted to "swim" around the pool. We really enjoyed being together and seeing some people from church. We left around 8:30 p.m. Once again, we were exhausted!

So that is our weekend! We truly enjoyed being together as a family and doing some different things. Sometimes we tend to get stuck in a rut, so we just really loved doing something fun together.

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