Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day, Love Jonathan

What a wonderful Valentine's weekend we have had. I used to believe that big gestures, expensive flowers, and extravagant dinners were necessary for this day. I have come to appreciate the smaller things that truly show love.
Mark has been in Phoenix for most of the week. He was off this Friday, but Jonathan went to school anyway. He had his Movement Class in the morning and his Valentine Party that afternoon and we didn't want him to miss out on the fun.

The new Movement Class is being taught by a parent of another child in the preschool. She is a dance teacher and is amazing with the kids. After the first class, Jonathan was so excited to tell me that they played with a drum and scarves. This class she played some African music and all the kids really got into that.
Fun in Movement Class

Mark met me for lunch and we had a good time just eating a meal and talking. It was a nice treat. We ended up going back to Easter Seals and waiting on Jonathan's Valentine Party. The party was a lot of fun. They had so much fun chowing down and dancing to the music. His friends are just happy and loving and it is just a wonderful place for our little boy to be. Jonathan was so excited that his Daddy was there for the party. We all had a good time.
Valentine Party at Preschool

After the party, we went out to the lobby at Easter Seals to meet Jerry Jones. He is the owner of the Dallas Cowboys and Easter Seals' Arkansan of the Year. He came in for the press conference and to take some pictures. Of course, Jonathan ended up being right up front and got to meet him. It was so cute and he is such a ham!
Jerry Jones and Jonathan

We got up this morning (Valentine's Day) and went to McDonald's for breakfast. I know it is silly, but we had a blast having some Sausage McGriddles and Hash Browns this morning! Little things, but fun, and good memories. Mark bought me a beautiful display of bright red tulips with white centers. They are gorgeous and such a sweet gift. His plan is to plant the bulbs after they die off so that they will regrow next year and I can enjoy them for years to come. Is that not the sweetest thing! Much better than cut flowers that will just die.
Valentine Tulips
My mother is coming tomorrow after church. She is off Monday and Tuesday and is coming to spend time with us and keep Jonathan. He is going to stay home with her and play. They have a ton of activities planned and will have a great time.

So that is it for today! Who knows what the rest of the weekend will bring, but it will be fun I'm sure! Hope everyone else is having a great weekend as well. Love to you all!!

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Hooten Family said...

Looks like you guys had such a fun weekend. Can't believe how big Jonathan is getting! What a cutie!