Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Party Time!

What a fun weekend we had. Everyone was pooped out so we slept in Saturday morning. Jonathan is definitely our child, he loves to sleep in. THANK GOODNESS! We cleaned up around the house during the day and just enjoyed being home.

Saturday night we went to the Ahne's house for Game Night. It was so much fun and we really enjoy spending time with our friends. The Spicer's were there with their three girls. Jonathan had a great time running around with the older two. They had an especially good time playing with Monte's (the dogs) toys. The guys all ended up in the living room playing guitar hero, Wii Fit, Wii Mario Kart, some airplane game, etc. The girls ended up sitting around the kitchen table, talking, of course. It was a ton of fun. We ended up staying late. We thought Jonathan MIGHT go to sleep on the way home, but no, he was wired up and having a blast. Took a while to get him to sleep once we got home.

Of course, everyone was pooped out in the morning when it was time to get up for church. We did make it though and weren't too terribly late. Went straight home after church for a nap before the Superbowl. We went over to the McKinney's house to watch the game. They had cooked up a TON of food as usual and we had so much fun spending time with them. Jonathan just loves Katie to death and is starting to play with Megan too now that she is more mobile! And dark chocolate chips in brownies is a darn good thing! Everyone had a couple of them, they were just that good! Unfortunately, the Steelers managed to steal the game away, but at least it was an exciting ending. We thought the best commercial was for where they kept adding on to it, "If you hate going to work, wish you were somewhere else, feel like hitting small animals, have to sit next to this guy..." That was just too funny! Mark also was excited by the new Transformers and GI Joe movie trailers. Guess I know what we'll be watching this summer! Overall though, not that many great commercials.

After staying out late two nights in a row, I figured today would be bad. Jonathan was hilarious when I went to get him up for school. I tried to wake him up in the bed and he never moved. I finally picked him up, carried him across the house, talked to him, stripped him out of his pj's, still didn't move or open his eyes. Finally sat him on the potty and he was just weaving and kept his eyes closed. He did potty though, while I held him on the potty! Got him dressed and then he finally opened his eyes when I put him at the kitchen table to eat his breakfast. He was awake but he mostly just sat at the table and watched tv while I got ready to go. Poor baby was just tired. He did well though at school and didn't show out or anything, thankfully! But he was pretty pooped out by the time we got home though.

We went by Heather Owen's today to pick up his 2 year old book and prints. They turned out so well. Check out her website and blog. She takes great shots (almost all outdoors) and really captured Jonathan's personality so well. Her website is: and If you look, you will see Jonathan's picture on both sites. Such a sweet happy baby. I am such a happy (and just slightly proud) Mommy.

Well that is probably enough for today. Mark's birthday is coming weekend. I need to get ready for that! My hubby is going to be 31 on Saturday. Sliding towards 40! I can say that for a while longer as he will always be older than me!!

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Erica said...

Hi Jennifer!
I just found your website! Jonathan is just about the cutest thing in the world. I am going to catch up a little bit and see how you have been! Please send my love to Mark for me, too!

Erica Reid Gerdes