Monday, June 22, 2009

Same Fever, Different Boy...

Thanks for the prayers for Jonathan. He is feeling so much better and is pretty much back to normal. He is still a little tired, but he is pretty happy. He doesn't have an UTI, just a virus. Mark has the same virus. He sent me a text from work this afternoon saying he didn't feel very good. By the time he got home, his temperature was at 102.5 and made it up to 103. Tylenol, cold water, and bed in short order. Jonathan was so sweet and tried so hard to help his Daddy feel better. He tried to take his temperature with the thermometer and brought him a blanket and tried to get him to drink his water. I finally got him out of the room so Mark could get some rest. Temps now at 102 two hours later. Advil in an hour and hopefully that will help to bring it down. So please say a prayer for Mark that he will feel better soon. And someone please take the thermometer away from him! I swear he has taken his temperature a dozen times since he got home. So funny.

I just got finished watching Jon & Kate. Now this isn't a show that I normally watch. I have watched it from time to time but never a devout fan. TLC has done a good job though showing previews for the "Big Announcement" tonight. Unfortunately, it all played out the way people thought it would. I was just so sad to see their family falling apart. Makes me so thankful for my husband and the peace that I have in our relationship. Not that I am arrogant in any way to think that I am better than them or that it could not happen to us. I know how hard we have worked at our relationship and I also know just how much I love him. We've been and continue to go through some tough times; but, yet, I have never waivered in how much I love Mark and I have never doubted his love for me. I pray that Jon & Kate can find some resolution and happiness and peace. Hopefully some Christian counseling can be pursued to help their relationship. Ugghh...hate for anyone's relationship to fall apart. Having one child, much less eight, I know just how important each of us is to our child. I do admire their devotion to TRY to maintain some semblance of normalcy for their children. Here's hoping they are able to succeed.

Time to get off the computer. Need to clean the house and get packing for our trip to Vicksburg this weekend. Everyone needs clean clothes!!


Melissa Rouse said...

I hope your boys get well soon and that you have a safe trip!

Tyanne said...

Glad it was just a virus, Hope everyone feels better soon!