Sunday, June 21, 2009

Visitors, Swimming, Fever, and Father's Day

Mark's parents went with his Aunt and Uncle on vacation this year to Yellowstone. They had a wonderful time and we were just sorry we didn't get to go with them. They were able to stop by our house on the way home. Mark's Dad stayed here for a few days to spend time with Jonathan. They have such a good time playing and just being together. It was pretty funny to watch Jonathan. He did not want to let his Paw Paw out of his sight! Mark had a meeting in New Orleans on Tuesday so he dropped his Dad off in Vicksburg on his way down Monday.

Mark's Mom couldn't stand not getting to spend time with Jonathan, so she came up Tuesday afternoon!! We had a really good time with her, and it was nice to have a little company and help while Mark was gone. She went with us to Jonathan's Gymboree class on Tuesday, and he made sure she was VERY involved! We were able to go shopping Wednesday to look for dresses for their Anniversary Party next weekend. Lucky for me, I found a dress, but we didn't find one for Mark's Mom. She stayed til Friday and left after Jonathan got up.

Mark came home Wednesday night and was off on Friday. We decided to go to Wild River Country water park Friday afternoon after Jonathan's nap and after I got off. We had a wonderful time. Jonathan just loves swimming pools of all kinds and was so excited by all the options there! He was a big fan of the wave pool. Sat, walked, played, pushed the tube all over the place. It was hilarious. And didn't get scared, even when the waves were on. He also liked the lazy river tube ride, but was ready to get out by the end. Of course, Mark and I could have spent the entire day on the lazy river! Jonathan's favorite thing though was the Little Kid Tube ride. One of us would get in the tube, put him in our lap, and go down the slide/ride. He was so very excited and just squealed every time. He LOVED when the tube would turn us backwards. Jonathan was very democratic and wanted Mark and I to take turns on who would ride with him. He would get off the ride with Mark and tell me, "Your turn now." After we would come down, he would look at Mark and say, "Your turn now." Hilarious. Of course, he was quite serious about it. Mark started walking with us one time and Jonathan stopped and told him, "No Daddy, Mommy's turn now." Turned around and continued walking back to the starting point. He definitely has his own ideas!! We probably rode the ride 20 times but it was WELL worth it for all the fun that he and we had. We ended up closing the park out and were one of the last ones to leave, he was just so excited that he had to tell every slide/pool good-bye on the way out.

Saturday morning, Jonathan woke up at 6am. Now he is NOT an early riser but I just thought it was one of those fluke things. He was happy all morning and took a good nap. When he woke up from his nap though, he was running a fever. Poor baby just wasn't feeling well. Mark and I got freaked out thinking he was getting another UTI and made an appointment at the After Hours Clinic. Ran him up there and did several tests. He has a red throat and enlarged lymph nodes, but the strep test came back negative. The urinalysis showed a possible infection, so we are waiting on the culture to come back. Of course, that meant that we came home and I had to call OKC to check in with his urologist. Needless to say, not how we planned to spend our Saturday night. However, after one dose of Tylenol, it has not gone back up that high. So, more than likely, NOT an UTI. His fevers always spike really high with that. Now we are thinking he just has a virus or cold and that we jumped the gun on taking him to the clinic. Oh well, better safe than sorry. And I know he would have gotten super sick if we hadn't have taken him. He has felt fine today and just had a low grade fever around 99 off and on today. Hopefully he will continue to feel better. This is the hard part of not having any family close by. We have to take off or someone has to drive 5 hours to keep him. Ugghh.. And of course, Mark and I both have a lot going on at work this week. Makes it hard sometimes. More importantly, though, we just want our little buddy to feel better and not get any sicker on us.

Today is Father's Day and I am so proud to have Mark as my husband and the Father of my child. I am so very blessed to have this wonderful man in my life. God has truly blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. Mark takes such wonderful care of us. He works so incredibly hard at his job to provide for our family and to prepare the way for our future. He commutes an hour to work each way so that we can live in a better place for us and Jonathan. He comes home and plays with Jonathan every day, cooks dinner most days, and has enough energy left to watch TV or talk to me after Jonathan's in bed. Mark keeps Jonathan home with him on his days off so they can have that quality time together. He never balked when I wanted to cut my hours after Jonathan was born, he just made it happen. Mark truly has stepped up and been the rock for our family. He never faltered through all of Jonathan's medical problems, he just did what needed to be done and never wavered in his commitment and love for Jonathan and for me. He loves his child unashamedly and prays for God's guidance in being a better Father. I am so proud of all that he has done and accomplished.

Also just like to send love out to my Daddy and Mark's Dad. My Daddy is a great man and a great Father. He always showed me love and guidance. I always hoped that I would be lucky enough to find a man like him when I grew up. I love you Daddy! Mark's Dad is a great man as well. He has always been there for Mark and I in our marriage and especially for Jonathan. We are so lucky that he is retired now and is able to help us out. God has placed each of these men in our lives and in Jonathan's life. They each teach him something wonderful and shower him with love. Love and thanks to each of them!

Mark's parents are celebrating their 4oth Wedding Anniversary this year. We are having a party for them next weekend in Vicksburg. We are so excited to be going home and spending the weekend with them, Kim, Russ, Katherine, Lucy, and the rest of the family. Should be a lot of fun. Plus the party's at Walnut Hills so we are guaranteed good food!! Love that place!!

Thanks for checking in with us. Please remember Jonathan in your prayers. We should have lots of pictures and stories next week after our weekend in Vicksburg. Hope that everyone else is doing well and that each of you has a wonderful week!

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