Saturday, May 15, 2010

Field Trip to the Zoo

May has come running in with a bang! It is only half-way through the month and it seems like we have been so busy already.IMG_0531 Our first big trip was Jonathan’s last field trip of the year, to the Little Rock Zoo. Now, as zoos go, this one is not the best, but it’s not the worst! And, for a bunch of three year olds, it is more than sufficient!

I decided to take the entire day off to just spend some extraIMG_0550 time with Jonathan. Usually when we go on a field trip, I am rushing back to work to treat kids and miss out on some of that time with him. Not this time! We had a great day with his friends, and then a great rest of the day just the two of us.

ESA Zoo Field Trip_0009Jonathan’s Class and Teachers

IMG_0574Ready for the Train Ride!

100_0493 Mommy & Jonathan on the Train Ride

100_0541 We left the zoo with his class and had sack lunches on the picnic tables outside of the zoo. After his class went back to school, Jonathan and I went back into the zoo for a little more fun. The first thing we did was to ride the carousel or the merry-go-round as Jonathan would say. The horses do not move on this one, instead the floor moves up and down at some funky angles. Jonathan really liked it, but I was not a big fan. I kept picturing him sliding off the back of his horse!!

100_0564The next place we stopped was the giraffes! This was the animal that Jonathan had been asking to see since being told that we were going to the zoo. We had briefly seen them with his class, but we went back to really spend some time watching them. Jonathan loved the giraffes.



The last thing we did was make a swing through the gift shop. 100_0573He had been such a good listener and such a sweet boy all day that I told him he could pick out a toy. He was very excited and ended up picking out this animal umbrella. He has taken it with him EVERYWHERE! Luckily for him, we have had quite a bit of rain, so it has come in handy lately! Of course, on this day, it was just nice to block a little of the sun!!    


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