Monday, August 23, 2010

May 2010

Well, things are going a little better at our house, so I figured it was about time to try and get (slightly) caught up. At least finish May! Then maybe next time I have a few minutes I can do June!!

At the beginning of May was the annual Preschool Art Show and fundraiser to raise money for the preschool and for the PTA. They display art from each classroom, which is judged, and also have tables for silent auctions of classroom art, donated baskets, etc. Jonathan won a First Place ribbon for his ladybug art and a Third Place ribbon for his Thanksgiving turkey placemat. I made a scrapbook page of Jonathan's class that was auctioned off as well. Of course, I spent MUCH more money that my page raised buying his classroom's art! It was a fun week as always.

We made our first and only trip to the AR Traveler's baseball game in May as well. It has just gotten waaaayyyyy too hot to be outside for a game, which is unfortunate as we all love to go to the ball game. The game was a blast. Mark got us fantastic seats behind the visitor's dugout two rows back. Jonathan was super excited as he "caught" a baseball in his hat. Actually someone caught it and gave it to him, but all he saw was it landing in his hat, which is all that really matters. He was so excited and kept a tight hold on the ball the rest of the night. The game was also part of my Mother's Day present. A great present I might add! My sweet boys also gave me some beautiful flowers for Mother's Day. I love a pretty bouquet of flowers.
We made a trip to Madison to see my parents near the end of May. They decided to surprise Jonathan with a Slip and Slide! It was hilarious. I think Mark had as much fun as Jonathan did. Jonathan really liked when someone pushed him down the slide.

The last weekend of the month, my MIL and SIL came up to go wedding dress shopping!!! We went to Lowe's in Brinkley, AR, which trust me, is one massive wedding dress mecca. We were there ALL DAY long, but it was well worth it as we found THE dress. Obviously can't put any pics up, but trust me, it is gorgeous. We are all looking forward to the wedding in January.

Speaking of January, we are looking forward to another BIG family event to happen that month. We are expecting another baby!! We are so excited and so blessed beyond belief. Mark and I have prayed long and hard before deciding this was the path we wanted to take. We truly feel that God has not closed this door for us. And while we know that we are not promised a good outcome, we are promised that God will hold us and be with us through all that will come, good and bad. In the mean time, though, we are just excited about a little brother or sister for Jonathan and a new baby for us and our family! We would like to ask for prayers for this precious baby and for the Mommy, that he or she will be happy and healthy and safe and that the Mommy will stay well during the time to come.

Of course, we found out about the baby right after we found out Kim's wedding date. Which, of course, was planned for the same weekend. Wanting her family to be able to be there and be a part of her big day, she graciously moved the wedding back a few weeks. So hopefully we all be there! Mark and Jonathan are in the wedding and we are all very excited for the big day.

Well there is the condensed version of May 2010! Time to put a happy little boy to bed, but hopefully I can catch up June and July soon!!


Steph said...

I bought my wedding dress at Lowes Bridal. They have a end of the year sale in Dec. that I took advantage of. Congrats again on the baby. I pray that you both stay healthy!

We have also had a sad shortage of trips to baseball games this summer. I've been to two.

Tina said...

Congratulations on your big news! I will be prayin' it up!

Jennifer Thomas said...

Thanks so much for all the prayers. We appreciate them all.