Friday, August 27, 2010

June 2010

Here's the update on June! We didn't take a lot of pictures this month as we didn't get out and do much. Pregnancy has this love-r-ly effect of nausea and vomiting and profuse tiredness on me! But, here is a run-down of what did happen!

The month started off with a fun start. We had our first doctor's appointment where we got to see the heartbeat of our sweet little baby. Nice and strong! We also had a fun surprise while we were there. We ran into one of my coworkers Michelle and her husband, Brian. We knew they had been trying but did not know that she was pregnant. Nor did she know that I was pregnant! So it was a fun surprise in the waiting room to run into them. We decided that we needed to plan something special to tell everyone at work. After trying several different ideas, we finally came up with this.
We decided to take a picture of the two ultrasound pictures up against our respective bellies. I'm the one in the peachy-orange shirt. We had a lot of fun showing the picture to everyone and having them try to figure out what was going on. Then, when they finally figured it out, we all had plenty of laughs and hugs to go around. Michelle is due December 29th and I'm due January 11th. VERY close! Will be a little low on PT's at the beginning of the year with us both out on maternity leave too! About a month later, we found out that one of the OT's at work is also expecting...with twins! It is baby central around our work. Don't drink the water!!!!

My cousin Athena is also expecting another little one! She is due January 30th, so just a few weeks behind me. Her little boy, Preston, is about 6 months younger than Jonathan, so it is pretty exciting to have our newest little ones coming so close together again. Thank you for all your prayers for our sweet baby and we ask you to please remember the other little babies on the way as well. We know that God hears all of our prayers and that he will be with us and guide us always.

The other BIG news of June is that Mark and his Dad were able to finish Jonathan's playground. This structure is big and soooo much fun for Jonathan to play on. He is so very happy to have his very own swing, slide, fort, etc. The only problem is that it has been so unbearably hot here this summer that he has not had much of an opportunity to play on it. Mostly late at night, which unfortunately means mosquitoes. Here's hoping that it will cool down soon! He has been asking and asking for friends to come over to play with him, so we are hoping for some cooler weather.

Here is one of the first prego pics that we've taken. I was ten weeks here in this shot. Look more pregnant than that I know, but remember, this isn't my first baby!

I know more happened in June, but I honestly can't remember what it is, so I'll just have to leave you with this! Here's hoping that maybe it's in my calendar or that Mark remembers so that it isn't lost for all time!! But unfortunately, there is not pictorial evidence of whatever it was!!

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