Friday, August 27, 2010

July 2010

We started off July with a little Christmas time! Christmas in July is always a plus for me!! I had bought a kit to make rice crispie snowmen last December. Unfortunately, with so many other things going on, we never got around to making the snowmen. Well, Jonathan found the kit in the pantry and wanted to make it. So, we did! It was so silly but we all had fun. The kit came with edible paints to paint the snowmen with. Jonathan loved that part the best. We ended up making Christmas trees to go with the snowman which was fun as well.

I usually buy Jonathan a new t-shirt for the Fourth of July but just didn't get around to it this year. Plus, the ones that I did see were just not what I wanted for him. So, instead, I dressed him in a cute red polo shirt and khaki shorts to wear to church. He was so handsome and we had a nice day at home, just the three of us.

I stopped at a local Farmer's Market one afternoon and got some beautiful looking tomatoes. I decided to try and make something that I have never dared to do before. I got out my Vicksburg cookbooks and braved the infamous Vicksburg Tomato Sandwiches. Now, if you're not from Vicksburg, then you wouldn't understand, but they are kinda a big deal! It was the one must have item, food wise, for our wedding, for my wedding shower, my baby shower in Vicksburg, and pretty much any other important event I can think of. I am not saying that these were up to that caliber, but they were good! I didn't do the homemade mayo as it has raw eggs in it (not a good thing for a prego) but I did the variation one. (Of course, now with all the egg drama recall thing going around, I'm glad I didn't do the raw egg thing). Mark will not eat raw tomatoes, but Jonathan seemed to like my sandwiches. Yum, yum, yum!! Now, if only I can convince my SIL Kim to have them at her wedding in January then life will be good! I mean, seriously, we can drive them from Vicksburg down to Hattiesburg right!?!?!?!?

Jonathan's preschool had an end-of-the-year "fair" at school to celebrate the end of the summer. They had mini-corn dogs, juice, snow cones, read books, went fishing for prizes, bobbed for ducks, played with bubbles, saw a 'fortune' teller, and had just an all-around good time. He had a blast with all of it. Oh, and they did temporary tattoos. He picked Spiderman, that was probably the highlight for him. And that silly thing lasted for 4-5 days. Took us forever to get that silly thing off.

I love this picture of Jonathan and my Daddy. My parents came up to visit at the end of the month and Jonathan just loves spending time with the both of them. He sat down with my Daddy to watch the tv and they just looked too cute sitting there together. And that is a good end to July!

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