Friday, August 27, 2010

August 2010 - New Year of Preschool

August has started with a bang! This month has FLOWN by and I cannot believe that it is almost the end of August already!!

Jonathan started a new class in preschool this fall and it has been absolutely wonderful. He loved his old teacher and class, but I think he is feeling pretty special being in the "big boy" class. The only down side is that he is not with the same kids. He skipped a class and quite a few of his friends did not, unfortunately. But, the teacher is wonderful and I know that he will make some new friends quickly. He comes home almost every day telling me the new things they have done and what they are going to do tomorrow, etc. Mark and I are sooooo very thankful that he likes preschool. It makes it so much easier for me to go to work knowing that he is happy. (I have enough Mommy guilt as it is, don't need an unhappy baby making it worse!). I bought him a new shirt to wear to the first day of school. I went to Gymboree planning to buy ONE shirt. Just one.... Well...of course they were having a sale....and it was Gymbucks time....and there was cute stuff for the new baby.... Let's just say that I now have two Gymbucks and quite a few new clothes for Jonathan and for the new baby. I fully admit to a spending problem when it comes to things for my children. Children, wow, that's a new word in my vocabularly and I'm loving it!! Oh, stopped and got a double doozie cookie at Great American Cookie in the mall too. Love being pregnant and not worrying too much about calories/fat. That puppy was good!!!!

Anyway, preschool is going great. The Kinders came for a show at the end of the first week. They are a husband/wife team who have written quite a few kids cd's and do concerts for big events around town. Jonathan and the rest of the kids had a blast listening to the music.

Here is the next prego pic. This one is 17 weeks. We had our 18 week ultrasound the next week with the High Risk OB Clinic. We had done a nuchal translucency test at 13 weeks and they were thinking we might be having a boy. Well, our 18 week ultrasound confirmed it. IT'S A BOY!! I am now completely outnumbered at my house! But also completely blessed beyond compare. Even more importantly, there were no problems noted at the ultrasound. The baby appears to be completely healthy and there were no problems. I cannot even begin to tell you how much of a relief that is. Mark and I had both felt that this baby was ok, but it was wonderful to have some confirmation. Thank you Lord for our
many blessings. We have another appointment scheduled at 24 weeks with the High Risk OB's for an echocardiogram to look specifically at the heart. They think all is well, but this will give us more information. After that, it will just be regular OB appointments and waiting for the baby to get here. Come on January!! My friend, Michelle, at work is having a girl as is my cousin Athena. Plus, also found out that three of the ladies that I've gotten to know from Holy Sews are pregnant as well. One is due in November with a boy and the other two are due about two months after me. It is baby mecca around here. Pour on the blessings Lord!!

Thanks for checking in on us. Here's hoping I can stay a little more caught up....well, at least I'll try!!

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